Hi, thanks for popping by. Clearly you have impeccable taste! My name is Glen, I am an Muscle System and Exercise specialist that supports my clients and athletes in fulfilling their highest physical potential. As a Muscle Health Specialist I assess, treat, and strengthen the neuro-muscular system. Essentially, I find out which parts of your body aren't firing that well and help them fire better so you can do all that stuff you want to like play sports, lift weights, burn fat, play with your kids...all that jazz! If you want to add some muscle and lose some body fat, I can assist you with that too.

Over the past 7 years I have enjoyed the process of learning and educating people in how they can be faster, stronger, and manage the source of pain. I am blessed to have worked with CEO's, personal trainers, world class performers, moms, dads, young athletes, and recreational athletes. More than anything, I love when dedicated athletes and clients share how they have experienced a breakthrough in their physical performance. I am also blessed to have the esteemed privilege of working along side, and learning from, the brightest of trainers and entrepreneurs in the health and fitness community.

Here are a few of my educational accreditations and experiences

Designations: Specialized BA, York University: Kinesiology; NSCA-Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist; Muscle Activation Technique-Certified Specialist

Other Education: Kanama High Performance: Weightlifting Level 1; RTS Continuum Training: 1, 2, 3; Physician's Fitness: Client Intake; Physician's Fitness: Advanced Client Intake

Awards: Meg Iness Fitness and Lifestyle Award, York University

Athletic Background: Ontario Athletics, Sprinting Competitor; Ontario Weightlifting, Competitor; Ontario Physique Association, Physique Competitor; White Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Speaking Engagement and Seminars: 5 Ways to Optimize Strength Training and Fat Loss for Women, Striation 6, 2017; 5 Ways to Optimize Muscle Performance, Striation 6, 2016; Fitness Facts and Myths, Various, Ongoing

Former Sport Coach: Soccer, High School; Hockey, Atom

Other Volunteer Experience: Thornhill Thunder, Director of Rep Soccer; York University Nutrition Labs

Former Strength and Conditioning Coach with Teams from: Richmond Hill Raiders Soccer Club, Scarborough Titans Volleyball Club, Markham Majors Hockey, Etobicoke Energy

Podcast Media: Host of the Movies and Muscles Podcast. Listen to it here on iTunes, and here on podbean.com

Here are some of the responsibilities I hold myself accountable to as your Muscle Health Specialist

1. Assessor and Analyst, determining courses of action for improving mechanical function, increasing muscle mass, decreasing body fat, well being management .

2. Educator and Motivator, teaching techniques and strategies for client self-efficacy in the lifelong management of their health and well being.

3. Client Advocate and Accountability Partner, encouraging and guiding a client's decision process regarding choices.

4. Inter-Provider Communication and Coordination, helping the client build a trusted team of experts to support their lifelong health and fitness.

5. Learner, to continually learn and develop skills and competencies to best serve clients.

My Mission Statement, in Case You are Curious About what Drives Me: 

GO Performance is all about helping people grow, gain, and get healthy. To do this, GO Performance takes a bio-mechanical, scientific approach to physical health and performance training while always providing a compassionate and empowering space that promotes joyful living.