How to Know if a Health and Fitness Professional is Right For You (The 7 Ways) | GO Performance

Have you ever ordered steak and got the pizza instead? You have to flag down your waiter and point out the error. Then you have to wait for your food to be prepared. Again. This is a time consuming and frustrating process. Yet, so many people tolerate the same thing with their health and fitness providers over and over again. I wrote this article because I see EVERY SERVICE PROVIDER on the internet showcase the brilliance of their product. And I am sure most of them believe it and mean well. I am just not convinced they are all right. […]

We’ve Been Doing Stretching Wrong for All These Years

We have been telling people that stretching was the way to go to increase flexibility. We were wrong. We know now that flexibility isn’t about how well you can stretch yourself. It’s about how well you can contract muscles. See, when you have muscles that are strong and function well, your body senses this and opens joints for you to move. Your ability to reach gets longer. Your ability to bend down is easier. What happens when muscles don’t function well? We compensate in our movement. Fewer joints do more work and become inflamed. Discomfort and pain ensues. Without an […]

Never Be Tired Again: Personal Energy

If you find yourself constantly tired, please read this. Learning about your personal energy is crucial. Personal Energy is a concept that I learned from Scott Adams on how to manage my priorities. My priorities, the things I need to do, require energy. I need to ensure I have energy coming in to offset the energy going out. Thus, my day is balanced between doing things that replenish my energy, and things that use it. The easiest way to apply this: know what things will bring you more energy, and what will consume it. Things that bring me energy: Exercise […]

The 5 Things Aging Adults Do To Stay Healthy

People I work with report getting stronger, quicker. Here are the top things that busy, aging adults can do to better their quality of life.   Maintain muscle mass. It is important because muscle leads to strength. Strength leads to stability. Stability leads to flexibility, mobility, and ability. Every year after 30, adults are prone to losing muscle. Regular exercise keeps muscles. Resistance training keeps muscle better. If you aren’t already active, get active. Do stuff that doesn’t cause you any pain, and you enjoy. Doing things, you enjoy fosters a positive attitude towards exercise and keep you going. If […]