Have you ever ordered steak and got the pizza instead? You have to flag down your waiter and point out the error. Then you have to wait for your food to be prepared. Again.

This is a time consuming and frustrating process. Yet, so many people tolerate the same thing with their health and fitness providers over and over again.

I wrote this article because I see EVERY SERVICE PROVIDER on the internet showcase the brilliance of their product. And I am sure most of them believe it and mean well. I am just not convinced they are all right.

I won't forget to mention: I'm no different.  I present my product and whole-heartily believe in what I do. You'll see why below. I do these things.

To make the process of finding the right provide easier and painless for you, I created a 7 point guide of the things that every awesome service provider should do.

Here are the goods. What does every good Fitness and Health professional do?

They go for the ‘no’

This indicates they are truly available to serve you until either of you feel like it’s time to end the professional relationship.

By allowing you to back out at anytime, it removes the pressure on you to make commitments you aren't 100% sure about. This opens you up to make POWERFUL choices about your own health.

Some service providers want to lock you in for the long haul, they may just want your money. Be aware of when you are about to sign on to anything that makes it mandatory for you to give up money, even when you don’t want to be there. That’s a sales tactic.

They have an up-front interview to see if you are a good fit

An interview gives you the opportunity to see if this professional is right for you.

It shows that they care about your needs and wants in the relationship.

You get to find out if they deliver what you want. Nothing is worse than if you are ordering pizza and they give you steak.

If a health or fitness professional jumps right into sessions with you, it could indicate that they are there to collect a cheque.

They encourage you to ask you questions

A good health and fitness professional wants you to test their knowledge. This indicates that they are confident in their ability to deliver what they say they will deliver.

When you ask questions, it indicates you are an active participant in the relationship. When you ask questions, you get to learn and be self-sufficient. You go where you want to, quicker.

They can explain, lay terms, why they do everything they do

The best health and fitness professional are AMAZING communicators. They can make complex topics simple to understand.

A professional that can make things easy to understand indicates that they understand the process at a deep level.

They take lots of information

More information = better choices.

Without information, they are just making guesses about your health and fitness. Worse, they could be making choices about your health that set you back instead of moving you forward.

They present you with a plan

A good health and fitness professional can take the information they collect and put together an idea of how they would progress you.

Their plans aren’t set in stone. The fitness and health professional is able to pivot and make the right choice in the moment.

A plan indicates that the professional has taken the time to think about where you are, where you want to go, and how to get there.

They don’t let you get away with your nonsense

A good health and fitness professional is honest with you, every step of the way.

They aren’t afraid to be honest with you, even if they think there is a chance that they will upset you.

Honest is always the best policy.

Putting it all together

Take a stand for yourself and your health. Ask the right questions. Do some research. Take the above into account.

You are valuable and you deserve the best service.

If you have any health or fitness related questions, please reach out to me at glen@goperformance.training

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